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zhongshan city longteng lighting factory

Factory address: zhongshan city, guangdong province town of changan light distribution city

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Guzhen town of zhongshan city longteng lighting factory is located in China lighting capital - guzhen town, our factory strictly abide by "honesty, keep promise" of the enterprise purpose, dedicated to the LED tree lamp brand enterprise, now has formed a series of LED landscape products: indoor and outdoor, high and low pressure, simulation tree ordinary tree, peach blossom LED cherry tree, maple tree, pine, cypress, Christmas tree, colorful color trees, all kinds of fruit trees (external processing a variety of trees, branches, light series), etc., I plant more than by the quality of the products ...


Longteng tree lights all the wire with 100% copper wire (many clients think inside is white is aluminum, and copper clad aluminum. This is because our supplier main products is transparent lamp string wire, which affect the appearance, color is yellow that copper wire tin plating over price is more expensive than the brass...


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